3 Easy Mentalism Tricks for Beginners

Easy Mentalism Tricks for Beginners

The act of performing magic, often with an audience of surprised and/or amused onlookers, can be daunting for some because it’s such a highly studied and precise art. Mentalism is one of the most fascinating and rewarding forms of illusionism because it takes place in the mind.

It takes years of practice before you can call yourself a mentalist. In this article, we will show you 3 easy mentalism tricks for beginners. These tricks are easy to understand and perform.

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3 Easy Mentalism Tricks for Beginners

The following mentalism tricks are for beginners because they take few materials and require little to no study.

The 1089 math trick

A fun mathematical mentalism trick, the 1089 Trick can seem impossible when done right.

calculator app trick

Instruct your spectator to open up the calculator on their phone and think of a three-digit number. To make it look more impossible tell them to choose different digits (for example 245). You have to do this in order to guarantee that the math will work. Also, make sure they are not saying anything out loud. This would not be a mentalism trick if they would tell you what they are thinking.

This is how mentalism works, you pretend to make your job harder but in reality, you make things easier for you.

They should then reverse that number in their head. 245 would become 542, for example. The next step is to subtract the smaller number from the bigger one. This way your spectator ends up with a different, which makes the number even harder to guess.

For this example, the number will be 297. Reverse this number then add both the numbers. As you can see 297+792=1089.

Regardless of what starting number you use, it’ll always be 1089 after following these steps.

You can send them a text message, write it down on paper or pretend to read their mind to reveal this secret number.

The best way to reveal this number is to write the number in advance on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where everyone will see it. You can put it in the spectator’s pocket. This way the trick turns into a prediction.

How this trick can fail

If your spectator chooses a lower number like 132 they will get the number 99 after reversing the number and subtracting (231-132=99). This will ruin the trick.

Say something like “You might end up with a two-digit number. If so, that’s ok but we want to use a 3 digit number to make things more complicated. This way it is not going to be an easy guess”. So you need to add a “0” in front of the number. The number 99 will become 099 and the reverse is 990.

This will not happen too often but it is a good idea to be prepared.

The key card

This is a simple and easy card trick that can be played as a mind-reading effect.

playing cards

For this, you will need a deck of playing cards. The best part about this trick is that the deck can be borrowed. The trick relies on memorizing a key card. Let’s see how you can perform this trick.

Ask a spectator to shuffle the deck of playing cards. After that, you take the deck and spread the cards so the spectator can choose a card. Make sure you do not look at their card. This is the most important moment, while they look at their card you have to square the deck and secretly memorize the bottom playing card of the deck.

The next step is to ask your spectator to place the card on the top of the deck and cut the cards. This way the card you memorized and the spectator card will end up next to each other.

You can cut the cards a few times but do not shuffle them because that might mess up the order of the cards.

In order to find the spectator card, you have to find yours first. Their card is always going to be below the key card you memorized. What you can do is to spread the cards on a table and pretend to read your spectator’s mind. Try to tell them “Look you could have chosen any of these different playing cards”. This will give you enough time to locate their card. Don’t make it obvious that you are searching for something or this might ruin the trick. After you found the selected playing card you can stop looking at the deck.

The way you reveal the selected card is up to you but make sure you give it a little bit of time. Don’t just tell them the name of the playing card right away.

Simple shapes

This easy mentalism trick is perfect for a quick moment of mind reading. It’s quick and effortless and shows your amazing capability to do mentalism and influence people.

Ask someone to think of a simple shape. The wording is very important for this mentalism trick. You have to tell them to think of a simple shape like a square but not a square because you already said that. This simple suggestion will often encourage people to think about triangles.

Instruct them to think of another shape that fits around this first shape. As there are only a few possible shapes that fit with the triangle, many people will think of a circle.

Now for the reveal, you can use a piece of paper just like the first trick on the list or you can tell them what they are thinking.

When you instruct them to think of shapes, very subtly move your hands in the air and show a triangle. In other, words will subconsciously paint an image for their minds. Don’t make it obvious or you will mess up the trick.

Because this trick will not work every time we suggest you have a few pieces of paper with different shapes drawn onto them so you are prepared for any outcome. To do this you can put one in every pocket you have.

You tell them that you believe they are thinking of a triangle inside a circle and if that fails and it is a triangle with a square for example. Say that you just remembered you have a piece of paper in your pocket with those shapes. You had a dream about those shapes and this is why you have them in your pocket.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, mentalism is a fun pastime that allows you to show off your skills, impress your friends, and have some fun. It doesn’t require expensive props or hours of practice to master–just some simple techniques for beginners.

So, are you ready to give it a go?

We hope you enjoyed these easy mentalism tricks for beginners.

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