5 Best Books About Mentalism You Need To Read

Books About Mentalism

There are so many books on the bright world of mentalism. And to be honest, there is also a lot of trash literature on mentalism as well. This is why we have filtered those, and in this list, we bring you the five best books on mentalism.

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5 Best Books About Mentalism

Whether you are a beginner, a skeptic, or a professional, you can expect a cozy reading section, so prepare to be enthralled!

1. 13 steps to Mentalism by Corinda

13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda

Tony Corinda compiles 13 aspects of mentalism, which he wrote separately in a series of years. The book contains a step-by-step guide on how to master the various tricks that go into practicing mentalism. It starts with the Swami Gimmick.

As the book progresses, Tony Corinda leaves no stone unturned as the book covers various topics such as mnemonics and mental system, two-person telepathy, and even patter and presentation among the others.

The book is suitable for anyone that is aged 12 and above. It has an engaging tone; you could almost feel that reading the book is the fourteenth step to mentalism!

It is a great page-turner, and a person that has no idea about mentalism beforehand can walk away by being completely mesmerized and enthralled by the overall universe of mentalism as it offers a peek at what goes on behind the curtains of mentalism!

2. Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown

Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown

If you enjoy Derren Brown’s various successful TV shows on mentalism, hypnotism, and his conjurer tricks, then this book would be perfect for you! The fans of Derren Brown would have no other option than to purchase this book to learn the traits of this famous trickster, but anyone who is interested in this popular fad and wants a book on mentalism for dummies, then this is it! But one must question, is this what the book is all about?

Derren Brown is and has always been interested in human psychology. Therefore this book guides a first-time reader through the many ways and means to spot a liar and to master mnemonics for memorizing names. But the core of the book lies with the fact that Darren Brown explains that he cheats and although he doesn’t give away his dirty secrets.

But he aptly puts together a sentence by saying that magic is not about switching and putting fakes but entering into a relationship with the watcher and by leading them into an experience of magic. For him, the central idea lies in replacing the truth with a “lovely false memory.”

3. Psychological Subtleties Vol 1 by Banachek

Psychological Subtleties Vol. 1 by Banachek

This book takes the 13 steps to mentalism a notch further. The author combines the knowledge of psychology and the art of reading linguistic subtleties to master the strategy of providing the illusion of psychic abilities to the other person.

Always wondered how “psychics” and “mindreaders” could know what number you thought was between 11 and 29? This book will provide you with the answers that you require. Banachek reveals most of his secrets, and it is apparent that he writes about transforming what he calls “mental magic” into pure entertainment for all those wanting to glimpse psychic wonder.

Banachek is one of the two psychics who has been accepted and validated by the Parapsychology Department in Washington, so you could pretty much tell that the author is serious. Banachek’s fans have not wasted a moment to add this book to the shelves, and truth be told, this book has become a phenomenon in itself by inspiring the skeptics as well.

4. The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading by Ian Rowland

The Full Facts Book Of Cold Reading

Ian Rowland is firstly a corporate consultant. Still, he is also a member of the Inner Magic Circle, which is a British organization that is dedicated to promoting the art of magic. Now, what does a corporate consultant have to offer in the field of mentalism?

Firstly, Ian Rowland revives and performs the tricks of mentalism in real life during corporate training presentations. This means that there are no fakes, no body doubles, no sleight of hand, and no prior preparation with ‘assistants.’ Therefore, it is apparent that in “The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading,” Ian Rowland discloses the secrets by having command over the psychological traits of human beings.

Cold reading can make somebody appear to be psychic, and it could make a person feel like you were looking into their very soul. But cold reading is merely picking up the various subtleties that a person may give off in the manner of body language or facial expressions.

This book allows readers to explore the various possibilities of practicing mentalism, and honestly, one could say goodbye to boring dinner conversations.

5. Encyclopedia of Mentalism and Mentalists

Encyclopedia of Mentalism & Mentalists

The book is a hefty volume of 600 pages long, and it consists of two parts. The first part includes “13 Steps of Mentalism” by Corinda, and as you can see, the first book in this list is about it. The second part of the book includes “Mindreaders” by Rauscher.

Mindreaders talks about the various personalities of mentalists over the years. The book includes an array of knowledge about psychic reading, private sessions, and psychic entertainment.

Mindreaders provides a plethora of facts about the disillusionment and the perplexity that surrounds a particular act or reading, followed by the confusion among the people. Mindreaders would be bound to turn any skeptic into a believer.

Overall, the “Encyclopedia of Mentalism and Mentalists” provides the right package for all those who want to get started, and it would be an excellent addition for the professionals as well because one could always come back to the book for greater insight.

Conclusion on the Best Books About Mentalism

These books can not only improve your sleight of hand, but mentalism is more than that. It provides an insight into the minds of people and might help the reader understand a person more after reading these books. Humans can hide thoughts, but the evidence is clearly shown in body language and facial expressions. So with this, one can walk away wiser with the knowledge tucked away at the sleeve of one’s hands!

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