How Does Mentalism Work – Mentalism Secrets Revealed

how does mentalism work

Mentalism is a term used to describe the practice of performing mind-reading, telekinesis, and other impossible feats.

Mentalists are able to extract information from an individual by observing physical responses. This skill is often found in different forms of entertainment such as comedy, magic, and escape artistry.

But how does mentalism work?

Mentalists use sleight of hand, gimmicked decks of playing cards, and sometimes the clever use of psychology to create the illusion of supernatural powers. They do it in such a way and brilliantly, that it seems real.

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Methods used in mentalism

Here are some methods that mentalists use to deceive people:


Think about this scenario, a member of the audience is asked to select a playing card from a deck of playing cards. He then memorizes the card and places it back into the deck. If you think your choice was free and completely random you are very wrong.

Just by having a playing card stick out a little more than the other, it can make a person select that card. The mentalist knows what card is selected because he memorized it before allowing the spectator the choose a card.

Here is a tutorial for the most popular card force called riffle force.

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mentalism peek technique

A common mentalism trick is mind reading. For this, the mentalist asks an audience member to choose a card or to write a simple word on a piece of paper and then fold it.

What a mentalist does after that is to peek at the card chosen or the word written. It happens very fast and 99% of the time you will miss it. Mentalists and illusionists in general spend an incredible amount of time practicing their techniques.

For example, when you give the folded piece of paper back to the mentalist he will say that he will tear it so no one can read what was written on the paper. In reality right before he starts tearing the paper he will peak at the word written.


Magic is one of the oldest known forms of entertainment, and for centuries magicians have been performing tricks to entertain crowds. However, there’s more at play than just the tricks. The magician often uses misdirection to distract their audience so they don’t see how the trick was done.

Misdirection is one of the most powerful tools in a mentalist’s arsenal. Why? Misdirection is what makes an act seem magical. It hides all the parts that could make people figure out how a trick is done.


There are many gimmicks that can be used in mentalism. Marked playing cards, for example, are very common. Just visit a magic shop and you will find a ton of gimmicked objects that look just like normal ones.

One of the most mind-blowing effects of mentalism is telekinesis. For this mentalists or magicians use what is called an invisible thread. This kind of thread is so thin that is very hard to see but is strong enough to hold small objects like rings and playing cards.

Sometimes the gimmick can be a bit more complex. It can involve the use of technology. Some modern mentalists use smartphones or tablets in their mentalism shows.

how does mentalism work


The world of mentalism is both strange and intriguing. With tricks that are so close to reality, one could mistake this art for real life. But it’s not just fun and games with people having their minds read, there are some serious skills being displayed on stage.

Mentalism showmanship goes beyond just making people into believing false information but instead giving them an entertaining experience that they will never forget. This is the difference between a card trick and a mentalism effect.

Mentalists are great storytellers that can captivate their audience and keep them entertained. They play with the audience’s expectations, twist the truth, and lead them down a path of deception. It’s all part of the art of mentalism.

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Where can you learn more about mentalism?

Many people are fascinated by the idea of mentalism; the act of influencing the thoughts and behavior of others through various means. There are many ways to learn more about mentalism and how it works.

how does mentalism work

The easiest way is to enroll in an online course. One of the best online courses out there is called Master Mentalism.

This is a great step-by-step program that teaches Mentalism. The simple methods taught here will greatly reduce your learning time, and you’ll be able to impress anybody in an instant. Even if you are a total beginner.

The author of this course is a professional mentalist with years of experience and will share with you his best mentalism tricks.

You can also learn how does mentalism works from books. One of the best books for mentalism is called 13 Steps to Mentalism by Tony Corinda. The book is massive and filled with amazing mentalism tricks that even the best performers use.

13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda


Mentalism is a great form of entertainment. When performed correctly, it’s an amazing experience for the audience.

The art of mentalism can be learned through practice and persistence. And with that said, I encourage you to explore the world of mentalism if you’re looking for a new hobby or profession.

Mentalism is a form of entertainment that attracts the attention of many people.

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